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Want some weird zines?

Ermahgerd meme but with zines.

Once a month I randomly select one person on my mailing list and send them the zine they request and a little something extra. Whoever is selected gets a selection of weird zine funtimes via the mail. (Everyone not selected remains in the pool for the next month and thereafter.) To participate in the random fun simply enter your name and address in the K•R•Y•P•T•A Zine Lottery by filling out this simple Google form.

Why do I do it this way? Because I am not interested in maintaining a subscriber list, doing large print runs, or handling the money those would involve, but I do like mailing weird stuff to strangers. My print runs are vanishingly small, often in the single digits. I make these zines first and foremost for my own amusement. You dig? Sometimes I float copies to my good buddy Sarkos. I mailed Amish Trivedi a copy of K•R•Y•P•T•A number 3, since that ish is about him. Back in the day I sent copies of Annæ Reginæ to my sister-in-law. She never acknowledged their receipt and I've never asked her about it. Did I send Sarkos those as well? Seems likely. But mostly I cobble together the zines so I can hold in my hand a complete *thing* that I made. The results of these little experiments aren't always good, but they're mine and I love them.

If you happen to be a fellow zinester and usually trade zines rather than buy them, please consider giving away an extra copy if you receive a zine from me. Pay it forward, mi amigo.

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