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Welcome to K•R•Y•P•T•A!

This is the webzone for the print zine K•R•Y•P•T•A and related projects.

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K•R•Y•P•T•A is the flagship title of the zines I make.


In the middle of making Flame Prïncess Cult (see below) and general COVID brainmelt, I started K•R•Y•P•T•A as an outlet for various pseudo-literary nonsense. The first issue was published in October 2020. The second issue came out in the middle of 2021. Issues 3-12 were all published in 2022. Issues 13 and 14 both came out in January 2023, while numbers 15 and 16 were published in February 2023. Issues #19 and #20 are the latest, as of March 2023.

Covers of Issues 1-6 of KRYPTA
Cover of issues 7 & 8 of KRYPTA Cover of KRYPTA issue 9 Cover of the tenth issue of Krypta Cover of Krypta 11 cover of Krypta 12cover of Krypta 13cover of Krypta 14cover of Krypta 15cover of Krypta 16cover of Krypta 17cover of Krypta 18cover of Krypta 19cover of Krypta 20

PS: Issue #13 looks different from the rest because it is a scan rather than a pre-print graphic. Since I used my cool new sphinx rubber stamp to finish the cover, I couldn't show a pristine webversion of the cover.

PPS:Issue #19 review a bunch of zines. This page tells you how to get some of them.

PPPS:And now here's a goofy little monster from the old computer game Ultima IV: An enigmatic zorn.


A smaller project is sonnetzine a minizine of the classic one-sheet-of-printer-paper-folded-into-8-pages format. Each sonnetzine features one sonnet I like. So far I've made three issues. I've also made other zines in this format.

Covers of sonnetzines1-3.


DiLLHONKER was personal zine/memoir in which I tried to reflect on my own life to figure out why I am such a damn weirdo. The first four issues were published in June, July, September, and October 2022. Issue #5 came out January 2023. I think I'm done making this one now.

Covers of DiLLHONKER issues 1-4cover of DiLLHONKER #5

Clay Jar Materials

This is my newest project. The first issue was released at the 2022 Philly Zine Fest. Clay Jar Materials is a sort of self-investigation into my journaling practices.

Cover of Clay Jar Materials

Annæ Reginæ

My first zine was Annæ Reginæ, which ran 2 issues in the early 00's. It focused on reprinting random weird stuff I found on the internet.

Scanned covers of issues 1 and 2 of Annæ Reginæ


Around the same period as Annæ Reginæ I made a lot of one-off things that I generally called booklets and not zines. My next intentionl attempt at a zine as such was phasic, a fanzine for the world's second greatest tabletop roleplaying game, Encounter Critical. I produced a single, one sheet/two page issue. Another fan got sick of waiting around for me to make another and has produced four more issues, with maybe a fifth on the way.

Cover of phasic #1

Flame Prïncess Cult

Back in 2020 I edited a roleplaying zine called Flame Prïncess Cult, a fanzine for the weird horror game Lamentations of the Flame Princess. This is the only zine I've done where I have solicited submissions from others. You can download your own copies here. NOTE: Some folks think that LotFP is trash and the people who play it are unrepentant degenerates. If that's your opinion, you may want to find another webzone to visit.

Covers of issues 1-6 of Flame Prïncess Cult

I talk more about my involvement with rpg zines on my Gamezines page.

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