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Welcome to Lizzy's Corner!

dollmaker graphic of a girl in casual clothes

Lizzy made the above graphic using the dollmaker at

My daughter Elizabeth and I sometimes make zines together, usually of the classic one-sheet/8-page variety. Here are some of her zines:

six zines by Lizzy

We collaborated on a digest-sized zine that we released at Philly Zine Fest 2022. The follow-up issues were done in January and February 2023.

Cover of Underworld Championship Wrestling zine, with image of Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Pom-Pom, and Strong Mad competing in a wrestling ring.cover of Underworld Championship Wrestling #2, with Strong Bad as Il Cartographercover of Underworld Championship Wrestling #3, with a cartoon Undertaker

We've also collaborated on a Christmas zine and another silly zine. We handed both out to everyone in our family!

Cover of Christmas ZineCover of Laundromat Emoji Text Fairy Tale

I love her so much! She's my #1 pal.