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Welcome to Lizzy's Corner!

dollmaker graphic of a girl in casual clothes

Lizzy made the above graphic using the dollmaker at

Special bonus content from the before times!!!

Back in 2010 my lil' sweetpea and I made a Homestar Runner fan film... with puppets! We had so much fun!

I'm afraid the ending gag doesn't make sense unless you are up on your Homestar lore.

My daughter Elizabeth and I sometimes make zines together, usually of the classic one-sheet/8-page variety. Here are some of her zines:

six zines by Lizzy

In July 2023 we hosted a zine-making event at our family reunion. Five others participated and we made mini-zines collaboratively, with each page of each zine by someone different. Here are the results:

seven zines from our family reunion

At the same reunion Lizzy and I worked on two zines of our own. One about the reunion itself and one about cryptids. In September 2023 we did another zine about cryptids. We finished issue #3 of the cryptids zine in March 2024.

Lake Namakagon DiariesOur Favorite CryptidsOur Favorite Cryptids #2Our Favorite Cryptids #3

Lizzy and I collaborate on a digest-sized zine about our fake wrestling promotion. We released the first issue at Philly Zine Fest 2022. The first two follow-up issues were done in January and February 2023. Issue #4 was published in May 2023 and #5 in June 2023.

Cover of Underworld Championship Wrestling zine, with image of Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Pom-Pom, and Strong Mad competing in a wrestling ring.cover of Underworld Championship Wrestling #2, with Strong Bad as Il Cartographercover of Underworld Championship Wrestling #3, with a cartoon Undertakercover of Underworld Championship Wrestling #4, with Casey Jones from TMNTcover of Underworld Championship Wrestling #4, with Turnipmaniac and his manager Maggot Man

We've also collaborated on a Christmas zine and another silly zine. We handed both out to everyone in our family!

Cover of Christmas ZineCover of Laundromat Emoji Text Fairy Tale

Recently we made some fanzines, one about The Muppet Show and four about Batman.

cover of zine Why Don't You Get Things StartedCover of Fighting Crime Since '66Cover of second issue Fighting Crime Since '66Cover of 3rd issue Fighting Crime Since '66, featuring Bat-Mite!Cover of 4th issue Fighting Crime Since '66, focused on Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon

I love her so much! She's my #1 pal.