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Covers of OBJECT OF FASCINATION and The HP SAUCE Fiascocovers of Speech Given to the League of Nazi-Punchers, Computer (Fantasy) Role-Playing Games, and The CHAIRcovers of Farewell, General Tso and The Carolina Reaper

Making mini-zines is super easy (and fun!). Here's the most common way to do it:

My mini-zines

My only multi-issue mini-zine was sonnetzine, I tend to do one-offs in this format.

Covers of issues 1-3 of sonnetzine

The following were made using the online tool PocketMod, which is not really designed for zine-making. But zine-making is always about adapting tools to a new use.

Covers of four PocketMod-made zines

The next batch were all made by building a custom template in Google Slides. You can learn the technique by watching this YouTube video. I have a second issue of my Esperanto-language zine, Komencanto, in the works.

Covers of some minizines.Covers of some minizines.Cover of The Human Adventure is Just Beginning

I'm particularly fond of The Legend of Floppy Socks Joe, as I drew all the art in my sketchbook, scanned it, then inked and colored it in photoshop.

My newest zine-making tool is the Electric Zine Maker, a cool program you can get at The first one I made with this tool was just a test with various images sitting on my desktop. The second one, Tiny, tiny MONSTERS is a micro-mini, which makes a 16 panel zine out of a single sheet of paper. The Electric Zine Maker makes building odd minizine formats a snap and it provides great folding and cutting instructions! I made FUCK NAZIS with this tool when one day I woke up mad about the rise of fascism in the US and I wasn't able to really get a grip until I made something about it.

cover of grodulated test zinecovers of 2 zines, Tiny tiny MONSTERS and FUCK NAZIS

These next zines were made the old-fashioned way, strictly with paper, a scissors, and some writing implements. My daughter and I do that sometimes as a father/daughter funtime activity.

Covers of some minizines.Cover of I Heart Cheese minizine

Back in 2006 I made a mini-comic about Ben Grimm, the Thing. I was inspired by Scott McCloud.

cover of my Thing mini-comic

You can read the whole thing here.

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