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K•R•Y•P•T•A Zines Journal


It's been a prolific month for me, as I just finished work on my third new issue of KRYPTA since the Philly Zine Fest on the fifth!

cover of Krypta issue #11


Happy Turkey Day! Gobble gobble gobble!

It's Thanksgiving Day in the US. Happy Thanksgiving to those who observe it today. I've been spending the morning playing Minima, a tiny homage to the early Ultima games. If you're a fan of Ultimas 1-4, you may want to give it a try. You can play it right in your browser.


My good buddy Sarkos sent me the link to Alien Melon's Electric Zine Maker. I downloaded it and tried it out. I quite like it! It makes a variety of mini-zine formats. I used whatever images I had sitting on my diesktop to make this little test zine:

ugly ass test zine

I quite like the filters and other graphic tools that make it easy to crudulate and crapify the look of your zine. I'll definitely be using this tool again!


I already knew that (one of my favorite websites) had zines in various collections. But thanks to Di at I now know about the Incoming and Unsorted Zines collection, which currently holds over 16,000 items! Wow!


First entry!

Elizabeth and I went to Target yesterday to get more zine-making supplies: colored penciles, markers, and paper. She wants to make a special Christmas zine to hand out to family members!

Went to the post office today and sent some free zines to Karen in Michigan. Hope you dig 'em, Karen! (Do you want a chance to receive some free weird zines via mail? Go here!)

Put the finishing touches on the PDF of the tenth issue of KRYPTA. Will print some next week.

You can read this journal and a whole lot of others at The Neon Kiosk.

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