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So I was pretty stoked when I heard that Philly Zine Fest was coming to Temple University. I work there and know people at both Temple orgs that sponsored the event.

Lizzy and I printed and made a bunch of extra zines, as well as making Underworld Championship Wrestling as the new thing we would be releasing at the Zine Fest.

We also made a sign for our table.

Here's Lizzy at our table, about 20 minutes before the doors opened for the event.

Zines we acquired!

Here are some cool mini-zines. The one from Temple libraries had some cool info I didn't know. Cool!

This is an 11" x 8.5" comic, printed on 11" x 17" paper. I bought it without so much as a flip through because the nice folks selling it were laughing their asses off for most of the festival. If they're having that much fun, I want to see what their zine is like! I didn't even take in the cool cover graphic until hours after buying it.

I was offered this in trade for a zine of my own. Lizzy and I agreed ahead of time to accept basically any trade offer. This zine was made by a fellow denizen of neocities,!

Philly Zine Fest makes a collab zine each year where folks can send in a page or two for inclusion. The cover was the same art that they used to advertise the event. Notice how the red is out of alignment as compared to the version above? Either they were using a fancy schmancy risograph that got out of whack or they were using older color separation technology. Either way, one of the things that is fun to explore with zines is the roughness and imperfection of some of the techniques being used. I mean, look at our submission for the inside of the zine! A zine is a play space and play can get messy.

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