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K•R•Y•P•T•A Zines Journal


New issue of KRYPTA is out!. This one is about a brush with the eerie and/or my terrible memory of my childhood.

issue #41 of Krypta

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Lizzy and I have been busy, busy, busy making new zines.

Lake Namakagon Diaries zineFighting Crime Since '66 issues 4Our Favorite Cryptids zine

issue #36 of Kryptaissue #37 of Kryptaissue #38 of Krypta

issue #3 of Abai Geserissue #4 of Abai Geserissue #5 of Abai Geser

No News minizine

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Today my daughter Elizabeth and I hosted a zine-making event at our family reunion. Five others participated and we made mini-zines collaboratively, with each page of each zine by someone different. Here are the results:

seven zines from our family reunion


I'll be spending the second half of July in Wisconsin nowhere near my zine supplies, so these are likely my only zines for the month.

cover of Krypta 34cover of Krypta 35

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Long time, no update! Check out the new zines!

cover of Krypta #30cover of Krypta #31cover of Krypta #32cover of UCW #4cover of Fighting Crime Since '66 #3

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Completed two new zines! I'm especially proud of Underworld Championship Wrestling #3 as my daughter did a lot of the layout and writing for it, as well as coming up for the theme of the issue. Good job, sweetie!

hand holding copies of Underworld Championship Wrestling #3 and KRYPTA #2

Are you interested in receiving free zines in the mail? We don't do subscriptions, but every month we mail out a batch of free stuff to someone selected randomly off of our mailing list. Sign up today!


Finally printed some copies of issue 15 of K•R•Y•P•T•A. Off and on for several years I've been writing short sayings of a fictional rascal guru I call Gingangon. The conceit of this issue is that Gingangon was a real mid-20th century mystic guy and this is a collection of his known wisdom. Also solved a technical issue I was having with the image files in another issue that was otherwise complete!

cover of KRYPTA #15 cover of KRYPTA #16


Finishing up a new issue of K•R•Y•P•T•A today. Yesterday I posted a digital collage project I finally finished:


This weekend my daughter and I made a second issue of Underworld Championship Wrestling, the zine devoted to our imaginary crazy crossover pro-wrestling promotion.

Cover of Underworld Championship Wrestling #2, featuring Strong Bad as Il Cartographer

I also need to share this absolutely ridiculous graphic I kludged together for the interior. I'm very proud of how silly it is.

The Cheat as Lil Stiney with his poisonous toenails


New issue of K•R•Y•P•T•A! The print quality of the cover was a little janky for the first few copies, but the interior is nice and crisp. The red sphinx is a rubber stamp I got for Christmas.

cover of KRYPTA #13


The newest issue of my personal memoir zine DILLHONKER is complete. You can't tell by looking at the cover, but this issue is actually about Dungeons & Dragons.

cover of Dillhonker #5


Made two mini-zines practically in parallel with each other. One is about how a material object is capable of its own sort of liveliness and agency, the other about the inevitable disappointment that follows in seeking meaning from consumer goods. What can I tell you? I am large, I contain multitudes.

covers of Objects of Fascination and The HP Sauce Fiasco

Also, I got a comb binder for Christmas, so now I can make full size zines!


After making my FUCK NAZIS zine I got to thinking about how easy it is to despise Nazis while still replicating some of their attitudes towards people. So I made a new zine that focuses on loving, respecting, and celebrate their targets: Jewish people, immigrants, LGBTQIA* people, disabled folks.

cover of Speech Given to the League of Nazi-Punchers by Comrade Antifa


Today my daughter and I turned a very silly text exchange we had in the laundromat into a zine. We had such a great time with both the texts and making the zine.

cover of Laundromat Emoji Text Fairy Tale


Just got back from sending out this month's zines! Jen in New Jersey, expect a bunch of low weirdness by mail, soon. I also sent some to my good buddy Sarkos.

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Two new zines. A couple days ago the creeping fascism in my country was bringing me down, so I made a mini-zine called FUCK NAZIS. And today I finished a zine I had been working on for a while. Far-away worlds is a look back at the Dungeons & Dragons materials sold in department store mail-order Christmas catalogs from 1981 to 1983. It was a good time to be a game nerd.

covers of FUCK NAZIS and Far-away worlds


My daughter and I just finished the Christmas zine we're bringing to the family festivities!

cover of Xmas zine


Added a new section to my neocities site that documents all the role-playing game zines I have been involved with over the years. Mostly because I am forgetful and wanted to bring them all together.

I've also been sprinkling the bottoms of various pages with little animated monsters from the old Ultima line of computer games. Like this delightful orc:

an Ultima orc

Why am I doing this? Because it is my webpage and I can. Nothing much more than that.


Made a new zine in a new format. This format turns a single sheet of paper into a 16 page micro-mini zine. A more typical 1 sheet/8 page mini-zine is in the pic for comparison. Tiny, tiny MONSTERS was laid out with the Electric Zine Maker, a tool available from Neat results and excellent instructions for cutting and folding.

close-up of Tiny, tiny Monsters microzine and sonnet zine #3 mini-zine


So I printed out I a tiny black broken heart indicating ire or hatred Social Media, a zine by Di over at We met at Philly Zine Fest and traded zines. I a tiny black broken heart indicating ire or hatred Social Media is a real heart-render but it ends on a positive note.

Ironically, I just set up an account on the server for Mastodon, the new decentralized social media site that at least some twitter people are fleeing to. I don't want a new social media in my life but I help manage my work's social media and the boss wants to get off twitter. So here I am, trying out a new social media even though I need such a thing like I need a new hole in my head. Anyhoo, I'm if you find yourself on Mastodon as well.


It's been a prolific month for me, as I just finished work on my third new issue of KRYPTA since the Philly Zine Fest on the fifth!

cover of Krypta issue #11


Happy Turkey Day! Gobble gobble gobble!

It's Thanksgiving Day in the US. Happy Thanksgiving to those who observe it today. I've been spending the morning playing Minima, a tiny homage to the early Ultima games. If you're a fan of Ultimas 1-4, you may want to give it a try. You can play it right in your browser.


My good buddy Sarkos sent me the link to Alien Melon's Electric Zine Maker. I downloaded it and tried it out. I quite like it! It makes a variety of mini-zine formats. I used whatever images I had sitting on my diesktop to make this little test zine:

ugly ass test zine

I quite like the filters and other graphic tools that make it easy to crudulate and crapify the look of your zine. I'll definitely be using this tool again!


I already knew that (one of my favorite websites) had zines in various collections. But thanks to Di at I now know about the Incoming and Unsorted Zines collection, which currently holds over 16,000 items! Wow!


First entry!

Elizabeth and I went to Target yesterday to get more zine-making supplies: colored penciles, markers, and paper. She wants to make a special Christmas zine to hand out to family members!

Went to the post office today and sent some free zines to Karen in Michigan. Hope you dig 'em, Karen! (Do you want a chance to receive some free weird zines via mail? Go here!)

Put the finishing touches on the PDF of the tenth issue of KRYPTA. Will print some next week.

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