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Mondain, the evil wizard from Ultima I

An alligator pit

This is a very tiny fan page for the role-playing game Encounter Critical!

You can get your own copy of the game! You can also nab a copy of the EC module Asteroid 1618 and the first issue of the fanzine Phasic!

If you dig the gonzo sci-fi/fantasy world of Encounter Critical but aren't so keen on the game mechanics, then maybe you should try the all-new all-different Challengers of Vanth! There's also a facebook group for Challengers where all the original EC superfans are members. Well, except for Rondo the Mesmerator. He just fell of the face of the infosphere one day.

Berin Kinsman wrote a Savage Worlds adaptation for EC that he called Encounter Savage. You should definitely check out the Xose Lucero illos in that file!

Also, watch for Venger Satanis's upcoming Encounter Critical III. This audacious fellow actually bought the rights to the game from author S. John Ross! UPDATE: Encounter Critical III is out! Get it here. Or check out the review here.

More stuff coming soon, by the loathesome gods!